Terms and Definitions


Natural stone, sand or gravel used in various construction processes and applications such as cement, concrete and foundations.

An organization that strives to improve performance in manufacturing and materials, products and processes. Their goal is to understand commercial needs and ensure consumer confidence in products and services.

A combination of clinker, limestone and gypsum. These materials are processed through a mill to reach a desired fineness. The resulting cementitious product is mixed with water, sand and/or aggregates to make mortar or concrete.

A product that serves as an adhesive for construction materials when combined with water. As the reaction occurs, the material hardens over time until it becomes a solid mass. It is typically mixed with sand and/or aggregates to make mortar or ready-mix.

A cementitious material produced in a kiln. Wherein applying a significant amount of energy, in the form of heat, the raw meal undergoes structural and chemical changes to form clinker.

A common material used in the construction industry. It is the final product resulting from mixing cement, sand, aggregate, water and admixtures. It is initially malleable in its “wet” state and solidifies over time, gaining strength and durability.

An organization that sets technical standards for products that North American companies produce. Through testing and certifying product safety and performance requirements they ensure reliable and sustainable industry practices.

A member based organization that brings together experts and shares knowledge to develop market relevant international standards to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. They aim to facilitate international trade, support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges. Companies that are ISO certified have committed to make every effort to continuously improve. They are audited yearly to ensure compliance and retain their certification.

A combination of low and high grade limestone, shale and/or other raw materials. These materials are processed through a mill to reach a desired fineness. This product is then used as kiln feed to produce clinker.

A by-product of the metallurgical ore refining industry. The slag is then ground to produce Ash Grove North slag, an environmentally friendly cementitious material.