Developing a Natural Reserve

Our Partnership Approach

In 2011, the Joliette cement plant was set to develop a new area to continue its operations. Because some protected species were present on this site, a partnership with the City of Joliette was initiated. A threatened species, the rock elm (Ulmus thomasii Sargent), was identified on our new area of operation. On March 22, 2016, as part of our initiative to offset our environmental footprint, representatives of the Ash Grove North Joliette cement plant presented a $356,000 cheque to the City of Joliette to contribute to a 204,071.1 m2 ecosystem development project, the equivalent of 31 football fields. The fact that this land is located in the vicinity of the Ash Grove North cement plant makes this project all the more interesting to us.

The City of Joliette committed to ensuring that the site located at 550 des Prairies Road, which is already home to a population of rock elm, is recognized as a nature reserve intended to protect this threatened species.

“When the time came to take possession of the land, the unique nature of its ecosystem became obvious. I warmly salute the support provided by Ash Grove North in the realization of this project that will be added to our list of green spaces available to the community! The new walking and interpretation trails that will be built will certainly be appreciated by all!”  —Alain Beaudry, Mayor of Joliette

The amenities and buildings present on the site were demolished to build new amenities and make them compliant. These will make the site accessible to the residents of Joliette.

The nature reserve, named for Marie-France Pelletier, after a renowned horticulturist who has a profound desire to protect the population of rock elm, was inaugurated in July 2017.

Joliette Nature Reserve Sign

In addition to this important financial contribution, Ash Grove North employees have been volunteering at the nature reserve.

“It is very important for us and for our employees to be involved in sustainable development and the preservation of natural environments. This is part of the core values of our company. Thanks to this contribution and upcoming activities at the nature reserve, we are proud to participate in improving the living environment for our community and future generations, in partnership with the City of Joliette.” —Eric Arbour, General Manager of Ash Grove North Joliette Cement Plant