Environment & Sustainability

Beyond Our Gates

At Ash Grove North, we are not simply a materials company – we are an organization made up of individuals who care about sustainability, within our business and beyond. Understanding this opportunity and responsibility, our leadership team is committed to ensuring that our positive sustainability impact does not stop at the end of our property. We empower our employees and partners to map their own sustainability journey to have a positive impact on the environment.

Greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles have a tremendous impact on the environment. In fact, approximately 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with transportation. At Ash Grove North, we appreciate that our employees need to get to work every day, so we have looked for ways to help them reduce their impact as they do so.

Ash Grove North has encouraged more sustainable modes of transport through education, outreach, and engagement with our employees.

At the Mississauga Cement Plant, we participate in Smart Commute and Ride Your Bike to Work Day, encouraging our employees to take public transit, carpool, or bike to work.

In 2017, two electric vehicle charging stations were installed onsite for visitors and employees to use at no cost.

These types of initiatives allow our employees to be part of Ash Grove North’s sustainability and reduce their personal impact on the environment.

Ash Grove North engages with local schools, colleges, and universities to educate the next generation of leaders about sustainability and environmental protection.

We have partnered with numerous local schools including University of Toronto, Ryerson University, Sheridan College, as well as others to offer tours of our Mississauga facility and opportunities to learn about sustainability in a practical manner. We have also volunteered our time and expertise for several years to facilitate the teaching of a fourth year University of Toronto Engineering case study course. Recent case studies have had a focus on safety and sustainability within the construction industry.

Since 2015, Ash Grove North has been an essential component of McMaster University’s Preventative Engineering course. Every year, 40-50 upper year engineering students visit a variety of Ash Grove North’s operations to understand the challenges and opportunities within the industry.

We also look to our employees and partners to help reach a broader audience and create awareness on these topics. Through Open House events, Earth Week information showcases, and family events for our employees, customers, and neighbours, we continue to find ways to maintain dialogue about how organizations like Ash Grove North can help industry, communities and society be more sustainable.