Environment & Sustainability

Climate Change Adaptation

At Ash Grove North, we are proud to support the transition to a low-carbon economy and reduce our environmental footprint while continuing to provide innovative solutions for climate-resilient infrastructure. We invest in the development of sustainable building materials while working with our partners to enhance biodiversity and, in turn, the natural resilience of our communities.

The need to mitigate climate change impacts reaches beyond our direct impact as a manufacturing facility. As a supplier of the critical ingredient (cement) to the most used building material on earth (concrete), we are keenly aware of our ability to aid in the mitigation of climate change through lower-carbon concrete products, inflexible pavements to improve fuel efficiency, better insulated buildings, or reduced heat island effect due to light coloured built environments.

We encourage you to review our Climate Mitigation Strategy for other innovative projects that will lead us to further reduce the impact of our operations and Our Products.

As providers of infrastructure solutions, we also recognize our role in enhancing the built environment to mitigate impact on people and property. Solutions such as pervious concrete integrate climate change adaption with reliable infrastructure solutions.

Ash Grove North has partnered with a number of organizations to demonstrate pervious concrete as a means of adapting to increased storm activity. This unique porous concrete mix is designed to allow rainwater to penetrate the finished surface to replenish the soil and groundwater beneath.

Ash Grove North donated the pervious parking lot at Lakeside Park to the City of Mississauga to ensure that industry professionals, commercial landowners, and the general public could learn about the benefits of climate-resilient infrastructure. Through interactive signage at the park, and Low-Impact Development tours hosted by the Credit Valley Conservation Authority, we are able to educate the broader community about available climate-resilient solutions.

Biodiversity restoration and enhancement is at the forefront of Ash Grove North’s environmental priorities. As we help communities enhance the resilience of their built environments, we look to our operations and surrounding areas as an opportunity to help restore and enhance the natural resilience of our communities.

In 2015, Ash Grove North, partnered with the Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVC) and Environment Canada in developing a large-scale migratory land bird habitat restoration of land located on the south side of our Lakeshore Road property. Annually, more than 325 bird species make the round-trip migration along the Mississippi Flyway from Canada to their winter home along the Gulf of Mexico and Central and South America. Currently there are limited resources for these migratory birds in Southwestern Ontario which ultimately threatens their survival.

To date, over 1,400 trees, shrubs and plants have been planted on nearly five acres of land to support this local biodiversity effort which will provide an essential and safe stopover area for birds to feed and rest after their long flight home.